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Day Bag Packing: Road Trip in the Time of Covid

My plan is to spend most of my day away from my car (hiking, staring at rocks), so I need to make sure I have everything with me that I’m going to need to be comfortable. Of course, I want to keep the weight down, so I tried to select lightweight items and only pack the essentials.

1. Day Bag: 22L capacity with a 3L camelbak. Features: roomy interior, zippered top pocket & side pocket, mesh side pocket and bungee straps to hold a jacket. Please pardon the hideous color - it was on sale.

2. Waist belt: lays close to the body in front for easy access to cell phone (photos) and Ipod.

3. Lightweight folding chair: While hiking, I periodically like to stop and stare at nature for a while. This chair allows me to do that without getting all dirty on the ground. The chair is a Helinox Sunset Chair: 3.5 lbs, 18” long - it packs up small, but it has a high back so I can rest my head back (even at my 6’ height). It’s crazy expensive ($159), but I consider it a lifetime investment - I’ll use it tons at home in Austin.

4. Mini tripod: for time-lapse sunrise and sunset videos.

5. Selfie stick: don’t judge me.

6. Umbrella: lightweight sun shade if I can’t find a tree to sit under.

7. Mini Hand sanitizer

8. Mini bug spray

9. Lip balm

10. Pepper spray: It won't fend off bears, but it may fend off a stray serial killers lurking in the woods.

11. Band-aids: I bought the kind which has antibiotic cream already on them.

12. Blister pads

13. Sun hat

14. Ipod/headphones

15. Cell phone

16. Portable keyboard: for blogging.

17. Document holder: for postcards, stamps, pens.

18. Swiss Army cutlery set: I thought this was a super cute idea.

19. Plastic baggie: for trash.

20. Reusable grocery bag: folds into itself.

21. Kleenex *not shown

22. Long-sleeved "fishing" shirt: Something to cover my shoulders and arms to prevent sunburn. *not shown


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