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Day 26: Road Trip in the Time of Covid

Yellowstone National Park (Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Artist Point, Brink of the Falls, Inspiration Point, Mud Volcano)

Today was my last hiking in Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a combination of two waterfalls which have carved out a 20-mile canyon through yellow colored Rhyolite rock. Hence the park’s name: Yellowstone.

I started at Artist Point on the south side of the Yellowstone River and hiked around to Inspiration Point on the north side. I then had to hike all the way back to my car.

Artist Point looking at the Lower Falls - my favorite view in the park.

Yellowstone River spot where I sat and made lunch.

Yellowstone River from Inspiration Point.

After hiking, my plan was to make my way south, out of the park towards Jackson, WY, so I could get a head start on the long driving day the next day. Along the way, I stopped at a few geothermal sites, including Mud Volcano.

My last stop in the park was at the historic (and colorful) Lake Yellowstone Inn overlooking Lake Yellowstone.

They were open for business, but they had moved out all of the furniture for social distancing. It was odd seeing their sunroom without all the cute seating areas - it kind of looked like a well-lit roller skating rink. :)

I also stocked up on a supply of Huckleberry products before I left the park. Huckleberry looks like a fat blueberry and grow all over this region.

Once I made it down to Jackson, I spent a little time catching up on blogging and photo editing. I snuck onto the property of one of the hotels I stay at while on tour: The Rustic Inn Creekside. It has an adorable back lawn area with fire pits and Adirondack chairs overlooking Flat Creek.

I decided to spend the night at my favorite stealth car-camping spot overlooking the Teton peaks.


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